Best Place For Happy Wheels Game Full Version

Happy Wheels is dubbed as the best free game available online. This is a flash game that can be played on any browser anytime you want. This is a platforming game and based on physics ragdoll. In Happy wheels game full version you have to take your character to the finish line in one piece. There are a lot of obstacles to kill you on the way.

This game is for all audiences of all ages but it gets gore as level progresses. Happy wheels game full can be played by kids but make sure it is the hacked version of the game. In Hacked version you will not get killed by the obstacles so there is no blood.

When the game starts, you will have to select the levels. Happy wheels game full has a lot of new and interesting levels like Prehistoric Pilgrim, the combine 2.1, Pokemon training, ultimate payback, car their and a lot more. Once you have selected the level, you have to select the characters to play and get to the finish line. Keep in mind that not all levels have character options.

You can only play happy wheels game full version on the totaljerkface website.