Play Happy Wheels Game Demo Online

There are two version of this available on the market, happy wheels game demo and full version. You will find demo version on many internet websites but the full version is only kept on the main totaljerkface website. In Happy wheels game demo you have all the features of the game and can figure out what this game is all about.

When you start the happy wheels game demo you have to select the obstacle course and then your character. The levels that are available on the demo mode are BMX PARK II, dawn of the dead,TrapTrac and few more. After you have selected the level, you will select the characters. The characters are very weird looking like a hobo sitting on a rocket wheelchair and a father and his son on the bike.

The game is a physics based game and is very creatively made. Happy Wheels game demo is very limited and if you want to enjoy this game more, then you should go for the full version.