Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels A Gore Game About Destruction and Vehicles

Smash into walls, decapitate babies or find yourself fatally impaled—in a game, of course.

Most games nowadays tend to bring much violence in them, but most of the time such a thing just isn’t necessary, and it just ruins the overall premise of the game. This is why some great developers from Totaljerkface have taken the opportunity to create an impressive game where your actions do have some consequences.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Game information

Happy Wheels is an easy-to-learn flash game where you maneuver a bicycle (or whatever vehicle is provided) through an obstacle course. It offers simple 2D graphics with little detail but much fake blood. The arrow keys control direction and speed, and space bar allows you to perform actions depending on your surroundings. Sounds simple, right?

Happy Wheels has become so popular that many famous youtube channels have begun regular shows of playing just that—from Pewdiepie to TheFineBros (responsible for the React channels). Still others base their entire channel on just playing Happy Wheels.

The title is named Happy Wheels, and it is all about keeping the balance of your character as you enter the game world that is filled with perils that can get you killed in a matter of minutes.

When you enter the Happy Wheels game, you can either play a demo, purchase the full game, tackle with the level editor or modify the game options. The demo version is more than enough to get an idea in regards to how impressive the game play really is, because thanks to it you will immediately be able to realize how much value the game brings to the table.

The title has become famous because of its stellar physics engine, which renders every accident in a very realistic way. No matter if you fall from a high point, impact a wall at a high speed or just get smashed by a car, in this game everything will be depicted as realistically as possible.

happy wheels gameplay

Happy Wheels Game play

What makes the game so addicting? Besides adhering to some basic laws of physics, players encounter hyperbolized gore in the game, which brings it a much more comedic effect. However, what makes Happy Wheels players come back to it time and time again is its replayability, which is made possible by the fact that Happy Wheels is not just a game—it is a community.

So much realism has made Happy Wheels a very favorite game, mainly because thanks to it we can see what perils await us in a variety of situations, which is definitely amazing to say the least.

There isn’t a target audience for this game; anyone can enjoy it, as long as you do not have an issue with large amounts of gore at times.

This game is an excellent platform title with lots of depth and variety, in fact, it provides a plethora of levels, and each one of them comes with tons of challenges. Because of that, each level you visit is a new, frightening experience on its own, so if you want a challenge, you will certainly find it here.

Different Levels In Happy Wheels Full Version

Within the game, you can play levels that were made by the game’s designers, or chose to play levels that other people designed themselves. Because of this, players can encounter different challenges, obstacles, or hilarious antics every day. Moreover, if that is not enough, you can even create your levels!

Happy Wheels offers an easy to use level creator, where players can create their obstacle course with all the objects, props, and vehicles they see on the levels they play.

Main Characters

happy wheels characters

In Happy Wheels, you will find 4 different characters, and each one of them has a particular trait. The first character is an older man in a wheelchair that has quite a low speed, and the second one is a businessman on a Segway, which is one of the fastest characters out there.

However, this one does lack toughness, so he can easily get killed if he touches other objects at a high speed. The third character is a man and his young child on a bike. This is the fastest character, but the fact that you also have a child to carry does add quite much challenge to the title.

Lastly, we have a fat guy on a scooter that you can play only in the full version, which isn’t that fast, but who does come with many durability!

Overall, all these characters and dangerous levels successfully combine together into a title that has much content and variety, and whose game play is just stellar. We recommend you to play the happy wheels game right away and have a ton of fun with it!